Chantel Christie Airs Out Her Sister Takari Lee On Social Media

Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel is in the center of some family drama.

Recently Takari Lee wished her sister Chantel Christie, happy birthday on social media. But instead of just a simple “happy birthday,” she went on a long spill about their mom. Takari posted and deleted a picture of Chantel with her kids #onthegram with this caption:

“I don’t care or what has changed. What will always remain the same is my Love for you…I only wish you Happiness, Health, and Wealth”

This prompted Chantel to go off, in defense of her mother, and told Takari to grow up, to which Takari says Chantel ignores her messages.

Chantel posted a long ass message on social media in response to Takari. She wrote:

“I’ll start by saying thanks because it’s the polite thing to do, but to be honest… you easily could’ve text me this, accompanied by a personal apology for all the shit you’ve said and done, both publicly and privately. I’m not with the public shenanigans anymore, that’s why I’ve been quiet. I don’t have no ill wishes toward you bit this ain’t genuine and you know that. You put this up for your followers and the blogs. So you can carry on this sad, sappy charade like nobody gives a fuck about you, don’t wan’t nothing to do with you etc. I’ve been there for you and dare you to say otherwise. I stopped fucking with you off the strength of You and Your poor decisions. Has nothing to do with mom. We all know how I get down . If I wanted to speak, I would. But, the same way you don’t wanna forge a fake in-genuine one with her, I don’t wanna forge a fake in-genuine one with you. I haven’t done shit to you. So how I get included in your mess and hit into the crossfire idk”

Takari Lee has spent the past year taking shots at her mother Jackie Christie. She’s accused Jackie of essentially disowning her, and her kids. This has come in spite of Jackie publicly talking about her, and saying how she cares for her. My advice to Takari is social media should NOT be used as a public diary especially when it comes to family business.