Fabolous Allegedly Punched Out Emily B’s Front Teeth

Fabolous’ girlfriend Emily Bustamante is claiming she lost her two front teeth after the rapper allegedly punched her seven times. According to court documents, the mother of two reported to law enforcement that the Connection singer punched her seven times before threatening to shoot her and family members.

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On Saturday, TMZ posted video recorded Wednesday of Fabulous in a heated confrontation with Emily and her father as he appeared to wave a metallic object and shouted he had a bullet with his ‘name on it’. The alleged incident all started on March 7 after Fabolous reportedly became ‘enraged’ after learning on Instagram Emily would be in Los Angeles.

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Fabolous reportedly sent Emily a threatening text in which he said he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and kill her, but that he ‘did not want to go out like that’.

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He allegedly ended up punching her in the face, ‘causing severe damage to her two front teeth’. The alleged attack led her to lose her two front teeth, court documents report.

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Following the alleged encounter, Emily called her father and brother to remove Fabolous’ handguns from their Englewood, NJ home, over fears the firearms would be used against her. Fabolous is said to have walked in on the operation, and confronted Emily, her father, and brother. The handguns had reportedly been removed by then. But then Fabolous allegedly threatened Emily, her father, and brother that ‘he had a bullet for them’ when he was unable to find the guns, according to court documents.

The video posted by TMZ appears to be the same confrontation described in court documents and was taken Wednesday at Fabolous and Emily’s home in Engelwood, New Jersey.  Tmz reports that Emily was the one to contact police first, telling them Fabolous had hit her. Fabolous hasn’t commented on the incident but in the early hours of Thursday morning the Can’t Let You Go hitmaker posted a note to his Instagram stories.