Spice Apologizes to Tokyo Vanity for Making Fun of Her Weight

On last nights episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Tokyo Vanity and Spice almost came to blows.

Things went left after Mimi failed in getting both to agree to be peaceful despite their respective relationships with Tabius. Tokyo Vanity moved to Atlanta to be closer to her boyfriend Tabius. However, they began to clash after Tokyo learned he had been spotted out getting a bite to eat with his ex girlfriend. When confronted by Tokyo, Tabius claimed he only spent time with his ex because she was mourning the recent death of her grandfather.

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He claimed he just wanted to be there for her as a friend, but this did not sit well with Tokyo. She ended up breaking up with Tabius and he wasted no time moving on to Spice. Despite moving on to Spice, he’s been reaching out to Tokyo on social media. So when Tokyo and Spice came face to face, it didn’t take long for thing to go left. Insults began to fly but things got physical after Spice made fun of Tokyo’s weight. However, both have now made peace.

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Not too long after the episode aired, Spice took to Instagram to post a lengthy apology to Tokyo and any LHHATL viewers she may have offended. Check it out above.