Wendy Williams Files For Divorce From Husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams’ Marriage to Kevin Hunter has Finally Came Unraveled.

Wendy Williams is splitting from longtime husband and manager Kevin Hunter. The daytime talk show host filed for divorce Thursday after two decades of marriage. People thought that the couple were considering trying to work it out, although rumors have been swirling that Kevin fathered a child with his alleged mistress.

Kevin has still, been there for Wendy, meeting her at the sober facility and even upgrading her watch last week. Well Wendy didn’t take any of those gestures for face value. Wendy sent the divorce documents to her husband at 6:30 this morning. Wendy is ready for this to be over, stating that the couple have been going through difficulties in their marriage for the past 6 months. The divorce news comes after Williams notably flaunted her lack of a wedding band early Thursday on her hairstylist’s and makeup artist’s social media.

Rumors of infidelity have plagued the couple for a few years, though Williams never confirmed them. She vaguely addressed her marital woes on her show earlier this year, cryptically telling viewers after she returned from a two-month hiatus that her wedding ring would always stay on her hand. However, her ring apparently did go somewhere. On March 25, upon leaving the sober living facility where she has been staying after receiving help for addiction in Florida (though she previously told viewers she was seeking treatment for her Graves’ disease), the morning show host was spotted without her flashy jewelry.

She appeared to put it back on to tape her show later that day, but an insider had told us it wasn’t her real ring. Infidelity wasn’t the only rumor to swirl about Williams and Hunter’s marriage. Sources previously told The New York Post that Hunter’s allegedly abusive behavior ultimately led to the unraveling that prompted Williams to relapse. Check out the video below for more details.