Watch: Ella Mai – “Boo’d Up” Video

Buzzing new R&B singer Ella Mai has been seeing an amazing surge with her breakout single “Boo’d Up,” off her third EP, Ready. Mai told Billboard:

“We released ‘Boo’d Up’ a year ago now on my third EP Ready. None of us thought this song could possibly have a rebirth. I feel like it’s God’s time and I can’t really question it. But we’re extremely excited and grateful that everything is happening the way it’s happening.”

Mai cites the track’s nostalgic feel and catchy chorus as key reasons behind its burgeoning popularity. In fact, the singer/songwriter says a lot of people have been tagging her to show their kids singing the chorus. She said:

“The song’s content is very innocent and very loving, something any age group can relate to,”

Mai adds:

“Everyone has been in a situation where, as I say in the song, they’re head over heels in love with someone. No one else really matters at that point. It’s just about that person.”

The brand new video follows this theme in colorful, playful ways, striking a cool balance between innocence and romance.

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In the clip, Ella Mai and her “boo” enjoy a night out with friends at an adventure park, playing mini golf and riding in bumper cars. Khalid makes a cameo as part of the date-night crew. Check it out below.