Watch: Big Brother: Canada Season 7 Episode 4

On Big Brother: Canada Season 7 Episode 4, Adam and Maki finally speak but Adam is non committal in promising his vote. Adam promises to get back to Maki later after talking to others to tell him how he is voting. Dane and Este try to talk sense into Maki. He is being too honest in his targets.

They ask Maki who he will nominate alongside Cory and he says Dane. Dane is sitting right beside him. They try to tell Maki that Sam should be the target beside Cory. Both try to tell him that he needs to tell Anthony and Mark that he will go after Sam so he can stay. But he’s not understanding why he can’t just tell the truth in terms of his targets. Maki says he will go after Sam if that’s what the house wants. You can watch the full episode below.

About the Show:

Fifteen people share an isolated home and try to avoid being evicted by their housemates.