Watch: Black Ink Crew: New York Season 6 Episode 10 – “See Ya, Korea”

On Black Ink Crew New York Season 6 Episode 10 – “See Ya, Korea”, O’Shit bump heads with Alex over a client, and things get heated in Korea as Sky start to question the authenticity of Bae’s troubled past and wonder if she’s lying about her missing mother. Meanwhile, Bae continues the search for her mother in Korea while struggling to deal with her pregnancy. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Once confined to a small tattoo shop in Harlem, Black Ink is now expanding into an empire…but is the brand growing too quickly? With a new shop in Atlanta, Ceaser is forced to split his allegiance as he travels back and forth from New York. Sky has made the move to Atlanta to take on her new role as manager, while simultaneously trying to rebuild family ties.

Young Bae comes to terms with her difficult upbringing in South Korea and considers a trip back home while Melody kicks off new renovations while managing the 113th shop. Teddy supports his brother who is facing legal troubles as Donna is on a quest to find herself after leaving an abusive relationship.