Watch: clique Season 2 Episode 5

On clique Season 2 Episode 5, With the police moving slowly, Holly decides to take matters into her own hands – seeking retribution from those she believes are responsible and advice from old friends. But as she gets closer to the truth, Holly realises that she will have to take matters into her own hands.

Jack is haunted by doubts about his own innocence in events. Ben tries to help but only Jack’s family know the truth about his demons.Holly’s mission becomes chillingly clear and before long, some familiar faces will join her for a reckoning. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Childhood soulmates Georgia and Holly are only a few weeks into the so-called best years of their lives at university in Edinburgh, when Georgia gets drawn into the elite clique of alpha-girls, led by lecturer Jude McDermid. Jude’s brand of feminism is alluring, just like the circle of bright students she surrounds herself with. Georgia’s effortless entry into the clique leaves Holly out in the cold.

But Holly’s jealousy soon escalates to panic as Georgia begins acting erratically. Alarmed by this transformation in her best friend, Holly is compelled to follow her into Jude’s closely guarded circle. What she discovers is a seductive world of lavish parties, populated by Edinburgh’s highest-powered business men and women. But it’s a world underpinned by sordid compromise, and as Holly exposes its deeply corrupt core, the danger mounts from all angles, for her and Georgia.