Watch: Curfew Season 1 Episode 8

On Curfew Season 1 Episode 8, tensions run high with the finish in sight, while an act of sabotage causes all hell to break loose before the final contenders emerge from the chaos and try to claim the ultimate prize. All that stands between them and the island is a birth, a gun, the blades of a circular saw and a kitchen sink. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Billy Zane, Sean Bean and Miranda Richardson star alongside a variety of other well-known faces in this eight-part, action-packed drama series. In a society controlled by a strictly-enforced curfew, when day becomes night, people from all walks of life compete in a dangerous and illegal street race to escape the curfew and begin a new, free life outside the city. During this hurried pursuit for freedom, alliances and friendships are both made and lost, as people risk it all to win the race.