Watch: Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 Episode 4 – “But First Coffee”

On Don’t Be Tardy Season 7 Episode 4 – “But First Coffee”, Kim wants Brielle to stay. Kroy wants Brielle to move out. And they both don’t want Ariana to be Brielle. So they lay down the law: whatever Ariana does with her life, it had better involve college. Off campus, the Biermann clan contemplates its future, and a new idea percolates: conquering the coffee industry. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

The Biermann band is back and busier than ever for Season 7 of Bravo Media’s Don’t Be Tardy… This season is filled with new adventures, milestones and big personalities as the craziness never seems to phase this close knit family.

On the heels of turning 40, Kim feels like her kids are growing up right before her eyes and wishes time would slow down. The youngest Biermanns, Kaia, Kane, Kash and KJ have all grown strong personalities and Kim tries to navigate through a quickly changing dynamic at home. While Kroy is still in full-time dad mode, he starts to explore new opportunities to find his niche after being out of football for three years.

Brielle is turning 21 and decides to finally move out of her parents’ house after recently going through a breakup. Meanwhile, the roles are reversed as Ariana has her first boyfriend and is starting to mature and come into her own. Kim also decides to get back into the studio to record a new song and go into the coffee business with help from Chef Tracey. However, Kroy thinks that Kim might have too much on her plate. Will this be a total fail or be their best endeavor yet?