Watch: Gotham Season 5 Episode 8 – “Nothing’s Shocking”

On Gotham Season 5 Episode 8 – “Nothing’s Shocking”, Bullock’s past comes back to haunt him when he and Gordon investigate two murders at Sirens; Bruce and Alfred explore the tunnels beneath the city; Penguin and Nygma’s plans to escape are thwarted by the least likely of suspects. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

James Gordon is a rising detective in the dangerously corrupt Gotham City, where his late father was a successful district attorney. Brave, honest and determined to prove himself, Gordon must navigate the dirty politics of Gotham’s justice system as well as the rise of malevolent villains, including The Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman. The series also chronicles the life of young Bruce Wayne, who becomes an orphan when his billionaire parents Thomas and Martha Wayne are murdered. Gordon becomes a friend to young Bruce as he finds his way toward becoming the iconic caped crusader.