Watch: Hoarders Season 10 Episode 1 – “Andy & Becky”

On Hoarders Season 10 Episode 1 – “Andy & Becky”, Andy and Becky feel it is their constitutional right to live however they choose, even if that’s among 250 tons of hoard; they soon find themselves in a battle with the city government that could end with them going to jail and losing their home. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

“Hoarders” is an often painful look inside a disease that can bury its sufferer literally at times in its symptoms. Each hourlong episode profiles two people on the verge of a personal crisis, all caused by the fact that they are unable to part with even the tiniest possessions, and the cumulative effect becomes a mountain of junk and garbage overtaking their home or apartment. If they don’t respond to professional help, the consequences sometimes involve eviction, kids being taken away, or even jail time.