Watch: Holby City Season 21 Episode 9 – “Guts”

On Holby City Season 21 Episode 9 – “Guts”, Zosia’s big news gets a mixed response, and Jac remains suspicious about her real reasons for returning to Holby. Zosia’s situation is further complicated when a handsome American turns up wanting to tempt her back across the Atlantic.

Sasha is rattled and embarrassed when an old flame appears on the ward with their ill partner. Following diagnosis, Sasha gets to try out his new transplant procedure and by the end of the day has two reasons to celebrate.

Following an incident with protestors, Jason refuses to leave Hanssen’s office until his demands are met. Despite Serena’s pleading, he stands firm and eventually a difficult decision is made about a long-term patient, much to Ange’s annoyance. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

A spin-off of medical drama “Casualty,” this programme follows the lives of the surgeons, nurses and ancillary staff at Holby General Hospital.