Watch: Nightflyers Season 1 Episode 3 – “The Abyss Stares Back”

On Nightflyers Season 1 Episode 3 – “The Abyss Stares Back”, D’Branin investigates the source of the malfunctions; Rowan prepares Thale for first contact. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

On a mission aboard the Nightflyer, the most advanced ship ever built, a team of scientists embark on an expedition to make first contact with alien life. Set in the year 2093, their mission takes them beyond the edge of the solar system, farther than mankind has ever gone before. But when terrifying and violent events start to occur, the team and crew begin to question themselves, each other, and their reclusive captain. They soon come to realize that the true horror isn’t waiting for them in outer space, it’s already on their ship.