Watch: Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 9 – “Project Daedalus”

On Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 9 – “Project Daedalus”, when the Discovery crew infiltrates Section 31’s headquarters, suspicions arise that the crew may have a traitor in their midst; Burnham tries to help Spock but her efforts don’t go as planned. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman for CBS All Access, the story of “Star Trek: Discovery” begins roughly a decade before Captain Kirk’s five-year mission as portrayed in the original “Star Trek” from the 1960s and a century before the events of “Star Trek: Enterprise.” The series follows the crew of the USS Discovery as they encounter new worlds and civilizations, delving into familiar themes and expanding upon an incident that has been talked about within the franchise’s universe, but never fully explored.