Watch: Survivor Season 38 Episode 6 – “There’s Always a Twist”

On Survivor Season 38 Episode 6 – “There’s Always a Twist”, alliances are tested after a highly anticipated merge between tribes; one castaway wins the first individual immunity challenge of the season. You watch the full episode below.

About the show:

It’s once again time for a group of relative strangers to try and outwit, outplay, and outlast one another in attempt to be crowned Sole Survivor and earn themselves a whopping $1 million payday.

Survivor: Edge of Extinction features 18 castaways, four of whom are returnees, divided into two equal tribes, the Manu Tribe and the Kama Tribe.

This season presents a new layer to the game with the introduction of the island known as Edge of Extinction, which is where a person’s will is severely tested to see what one is able to endure in order to become Sole Survivor.