Watch: The Apprentice Season 14 Episode 3 – “Doughnuts”

On The Apprentice Season 14 Episode 3 – “Doughnuts”, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to an 18th-century tidal mill in the heart of London’s East End for their third task. The candidates are challenged to manufacture and sell upmarket doughnuts to both a corporate client and the public. One half of each team researches flavours, while the rest set out to bag a bespoke order from a corporate client. For one team, a decision to add spice turns up the heat, while on the other, using teabags causes tension. In the kitchen, a strategy to prioritise volume over quality control results in doughnut chaos, while the rival team face a lack of direction and a tricky corporate order. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

Multi-millionaire Lord Alan Sugar sets a series of tasks designed to push some of the brightest young businesspeople in the country to the limit.