Watch: The Long Song Season 1 Episode 3

On The Long Song Season 1 Episode 3, With the crop starting to spoil and Amity in ruins, Robert’s sanity starts to unravel – with potentially devastating consequences for July and her child. Many years later, as an old woman, July is in a desperate position and uncertain of her future. Arrested for stealing food, July appears in court – but an unexpected presence could help to save her life. You can watch the full episode below.

About the show:

July is born to a field slave at the Amity sugar cane plantation, run by John and his younger sister Caroline. On a spoilt whim, Caroline decides she wants to train the adorable July as her personal maid, so she is taken from her mother and forced to live in the great house. As July grows into a teenager, she learns how to handle her mistress, with her own small victories along the way.