Watch: Timewasters Season 2 Episode 1

On Timewasters Season 2 Episode 1, Horace wants to go back in time to prevent his Grandmother slipping on the stairs, but time-travel with Homeless Pete is far from an exact science and the band find themselves in 1958. You can watch full episode below.

About the show:

The South London jazz band are back with more time-travelling adventures. Now in the 1950s, Nick, Jason, Lauren and Horace are in a decade that is on the cusp of change with the nation moving away from its former post-war austerity. The faint echoes of the Jazz Age can be heard, and the band open a jazz club to rival those in Soho.

Jason encounters Victoria, his true love from the 1920s and Lauren inadvertently develops feelings for her 32-year-old son, Jason Junior. But with Cold War paranoia running through the city, the spunky quarter must keep their heads down before someone discovers their secret, all the while thwarting the emerging rock and roll music scene.